Soft Butter Keeper


Before starting a challenging day, our first source of motivation is a delicious and enjoyable breakfast. Sometimes, how audacious a hard butter can be when we can’t spread it on a slice of toasted bread. This situation can spoil our mood in the peaceful hours of the day.
A two-piece butter keeper, which keeps a stick of butter fresh and soft for a long time without putting it in the refrigerator, helps to start the day wonderfully. We took inspiration for the color of Celtis Soft Butter Keeper from hackberry green and its sleekness from the fruit not being too fleshy. While the soft butter soothes our breakfast, it awaits you on the table while the coffee brews.
In the last photo, we shared with you a fun hand-drawn usage guide. Those who don’t worry about hard butter at breakfast can store the butter in the refrigerator after placing it in the container.
You can send Celtis Porcelain & Green Butter Keeper with a note as a gift to those who love new experiences and breakfast. As Celtis Ceramics, we send all our products like a gift package.
Have a great breakfast!

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Wide: 3.5’’ – 8.5 cm
Tall: 2.5” – 6.5 cm

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I use a French Porcelain Butter Keeper?
Ensure your French Porcelain Butter Keeper enhances your dining experience by following our step-by-step guide on proper usage. From loading the butter to serving, we’ve got you covered.
Can I use salted butter in the French Porcelain Butter Dish?
Yes, the French Porcelain Butter Keeper accommodates both salted and unsalted butter. Enjoy the flexibility to use your preferred butter without compromising the keeper’s functionality.
Is the French Porcelain Butter Keeper dishwasher safe?
Most French Porcelain Butter Keepers are dishwasher safe. However, for optimal longevity, we recommend handwashing to preserve the delicate craftsmanship.
Can I store other spreads in the French Porcelain Butter Keeper?
While designed for butter, feel free to experiment with other spreads like cream cheese or margarine. The French Porcelain Butter Keeper adapts to various options, adding versatility to your table.
Do I need to refrigerate the French Porcelain Butter Keeper?
No refrigeration is necessary. The keeper’s design ensures butter remains fresh and spreadable at room temperature, ready to enhance your culinary creations.

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