Golden Horn Bridge draws inspiration from the iconic bridge designed by Leonardo da Vinci in the early 16th century to connect the two sides of the Golden Horn. Inspired by this bridge, we aim to become a global brand by bringing Turkish handicrafts to the world and building bridges between different cultures. We stand out with our unique products, high quality and craftsmanship, fair trade approach, and sustainability principles. We invite you to explore the world's rich handicraft heritage through our products and spoil your loved ones with these unique items. Let's connect the world with Golden Horn Bridge!

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission:

“To provide our customers with unique products that reflect the rich cultural heritage of Turkey by bringing the creativity, quality and handicraft of local manufacturers and designers to the world. To strengthen the local economy and contribute to the growth of small-scale entrepreneurs by supporting the sustainability of the manufacturers we cooperate with.”

Our vision:

“To be a globally recognized and preferred e-commerce platform through Turkey’s local manufacturers and designers. To support creativity, quality and uniqueness, to offer our customers Turkey’s cultural diversity and handicrafts. Adhering to the principles of sustainability, to ensure the growth of local manufacturers and to support Turkish to provide designers with a platform in the international market.”

Our Team



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